Sheridan Parsons

Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago - A Short Walking

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This booklet provides a short walking tour along the main part of Royal Wootton Bassett High Street, based on the research in ‘Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago’. The walk starts at the War Memorial and follows the High Street up to Coxtalls, over the road, down to Bassett Bikes, over the zebra crossing, and back to the War Memorial. It should take about 30 minutes at a gentle pace. This book is also available as a free podcast narrated by Sarah Tyler. Wootton Bassett One Hundred Years Ago is the ultimate guide to the history of the town and its surrounding countryside during the post-Edwardian era. The series comprises three volumes: 'The Great War', 'The Town', and 'The Country'.