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What's That Garden Bird?: Birdspotting Wheel and Guide Book (Birdspotting Wheel & Guide Bk)

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The best place to begin birdwatching is right outside your door and the best tool to use is this brilliant birdspotting wheel and guide book. No more flicking through pages or swiping screens to find a bird before it flies away - simply use the wheel to ID it quickly and easily then find out all about it in the accompanying book. The wheel is both splashproof and strong and is perfect for tucking into your bag for trips outside or for keeping on your windowsill at home. The book is a beautifully illustrated guide to the birds featured on the wheel and also includes tips on identification, which birds to look out for during the course of the year and information on how to attract them to your garden. What's that bird? Now you'll know. Consultant: Paul Stancliffe Suitable for anyone aged 7 years and above