John Matthews

The Tarot of Light and Shadow

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THE MOST SUBTLE AND INSIGHTFUL TAROT EVER CREATED For the first time ever, two decks have been designed to work together in a new, multi-layered approach to the tarot. The shadow deck: your inner world, your instinct and what is unknown. The light deck: the outer world, the rational and what is known. This ground-breaking double deck from bestselling tarot creator John Matthews and renowned Italian artist Andrea Aste allows you to look both within and without, explore both sides of every question and answer, and find the best way forward in the blending of both answers. This beautifully illustrated double Tarot deck allows readers to explore both sides of a question at once, looking at the shadow (the instinctive, the inner world, the unknown) and the light (the rational, the outer world, the known). Although some professional readers' combine different packs, and to great effect, this is the first time two Tarot decks have been designed specifically to work together. In fact, they can be designed specifically to work together. In fact, they can be seen not as two separate decks but as one deck appearing in two dimensions.