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The Barbecue

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LOVE this new barbecue book. The recipes are inspired perfect for experienced or novice barbecuers alike Rukmini Iyer, author of The Roasting Tin A brand-new approach to barbecuing with over 80 creative, contemporary and delicious recipes to try! Welcome to the new way to enjoy barbecuing! Mix and match readily available ingredients and store-cupboard staples to create delicious, inventive and fresh barbecue dishes to satisfy all tastes and impress at any occasion. With clear concise prep, cooking and marinating instructions, delicious salad pairings, and creative twists on the classics, these brilliant recipes involve minimum fuss but maximum flavour! Dig in for your new favourite dishes covering: · Things on Sticks · Dips, Sauces and Pickles · Ribs and Chicken · Whole Veg · Fish · Burgers · Steaks and Slow Cooking · Salsas and Salads · Desserts