Denise Smart

Pressure Cooking Every Day: 80 modern recipes for stovetop pressure cooking

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Featuring 80 fresh, easy-to-make modern recipes, such as Huevos rancheros, Lentil and cauliflower curry and Baked salted caramel cheese cake, Pressure Cooker Everyday gives this traditional way of cooking a new lease of life. Save time in the kitchen, cut costs and infuse your food with more intense flavours. Discover the potential of pressure cooking with this must-have cookbook. Six reasons to use a stovetop pressure cooker: 1. Super quick - cooks three times faster than conventional cooking. 2. Convenience - delicious meals, using just one pot. 3. Economical - ideal for cooking cheap ingredients from scratch. 4. Durability - electric pressure cookers last years, but stovetop cookers last a lifetime. 5. Versatility - they allow you to tweak recipes as you go along. You can also sear or sauté food before pressure cooking it, adding flavour, which electric cookers fail to achieve. 6. More power - stovetop pressure cookers reach higher heat and pressure than electrical ones.