One More Croissant for the Road

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ÔJoyful, life-affirming, greedy. I loved itÕ Ð DIANA HENRY ÔWhether you are an avid cyclist, a Francophile, a greedy gut, or simply an appreciator of impeccable writing Ð this book will get you hookedÕ Ð YOTAM OTTOLENGHI The nationÕs Ôtaster in chiefÕ cycles 2,300 km across France in search of the definitive versions of classic French dishes. AÊgreen bike drunkenly weaves its way up a cratered hill inÊthe late-morning sun, the gears grinding painfully, like aÊpepper mill running on empty. The rider crouched on top in aÊrictus of pain has slowed to a gravity-defying crawl when, fromÊsomewhere nearby, the whine of a nasal engine breaks through her ragged breathing. A battered van appears behind her, the customary cigaretteÊdangling from its driverÕs-side windowÉ as he passes, she casually reaches down for some water,Êsmiling broadly in the manner of someone having almost tooÊmuch fun. ÔNo sweat,Õ she says jauntily to his retreating exhaustÊpipe. ÔPas de probl�me, monsieur.Õ A land of glorious landscapes, and even more glorious food, France is a place built for cycling and for eating, too Ð a country large enough to give any journey an epic quality, but with a bakery on every corner. Here, you can go from beach to mountain, Atlantic to Mediterranean, polder to Pyrenees, and taste the difference every time you stop for lunch. If you make it to lunch, that isÉ Part travelogue, part food memoir, all love letter to France, One More Croissant for the Road follows Ôthe nationÕs taster in chiefÕ Felicity CloakeÕs very own Tour de France, cycling 2,300km across France in search of culinary perfection; from Tarte Tatin to Cassoulet via Poule au Pot, and Tartiflette. Each of the 21 ÔstagesÕ concludes with Felicity putting this new found knowledge to good use in a fresh and definitive recipe for each dish Ð the culmination of her rigorous and thorough investigative work on behalf of all of our taste buds.