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Elemental Power Tarot: Includes a full deck of 78 cards and a 64-page illustrated book

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A unique approach to tarot with symbol-rich scenes based on the five elements Ð fire, water, air, earth and spirit Ð translating the cardsÕ divine wisdom into actionable guidance. Tarot and magick opened Melinda Lee HolmÕs life to endless possibilities and sheÕd like to help you open yours in the same way. Through unique imagery and elemental card interpretations, Melinda, a tarot priestess, creates a most personal, integrative experience of self-discovery. Eliminating human figures entirely, the cards in the Elemental Power Tarot present symbol-rich scenes that invite the user to step in and explore for themselves. The objects and scenes of the cards feel as accessible as they do magickal. You'll learn what it is like to inhabit the garden of The Empress or to reach out and grab the Ace of Swords.ÊRohan EasonÕs expressive illustrations hold a treasure trove of symbols that offer visual clues to the wisdom of the cards. The accompanying guide book contains Melinda's philosophy of Tarot, card meanings, and her elemental system of interpreting cards and spreads, including an apothecary item for the major arcana cards, embodying a real Earth element solution.