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Cluedo Sherlock Edition Board Game

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In this special edition of Sherlock Cluedo - The Classic Mystery Board Game sees you become a real detective to find clues and solve the mystery that awaits you Alongside your favourite characters including Sherlock Holmes John Watson and Irene Adler enter special locations including Baker Street Dartmoor Battersea Power Station and uncover the hidden secrets Cluedo is fun for the whole family as you decide Who did it? Where did it occur? And what weapon did the culprit use? Was it Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street with a revolver? Or Irene Adler in Tower of London with a dagger? The Classic Mystery board game is fun for the whole family

1 x Game Board
1 x Playing Card Pack
1 x Tokens
1 x Pawn Counters
1 x Score Pad
1 x Instruction Sheet