Thomas Bulfinch & Nathaniel Hawthorne

Classical Tales of Mythology: Heroes, Gods and Monsters of Ancient Rome and Greece Hardcover – 28 Sept. 2020

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Meet legendary heroes, powerful goddesses and vengeful monsters in this beautiful hardback collection of Greek and Roman mythology, featuring full-color illustrations.

The myths and legends of the ancient world are vividly told here by master storytellers of the 19th century, Thomas Bulfinch and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Discover how Theseus defeated the minotaur, why the witch Circe turned the men into swine and more in this compendium of epic tales.

This treasury captures the beauty and magnificence of these timeless myths, featuring enchanting Pre-Raphaelite and art nouveau illustrations in full-color by Walter Crane and John William Waterhouse, among others.

Stories include:
• Echo and Narcissus
• Juno and her rivals
• Pygmalion
• Cupid and Psyche
• The Gorgon's Head
• Cadmus and the Dragon's Teeth
• The Pomegranate Seeds