Rosie Hendry

Christmas with the East End Angels: Can they keep safe from war at the most wonderful time of the year? A festive and nostalgic wartime saga (East End Angels Book 3)

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It's the most wonderful time of the year - but can the East End Angels keep London safe? Meet The East End Angels, the newest members of Station Seventy-Five's ambulance crew . . . Frankie is trying hard to keep everything together. She can count on the support of the East End Angels, even in the face of family trouble. Winnie 's beloved husband, Mac, is putting himself at risk every day in the bomb disposal unit and she's finding it hard while he's away. Bella is growing in confidence and happiness. Her friendship with Winnie's brother, James, is getting closer all the time. Christmas on the Home Front is a hard time with loved ones far away - but the women of the Auxiliary Ambulance service are making do and mending. The third novel in the acclaimed East End Angels series, following Bella, Winnie and Frankie and their lives as members of Station Seventy-Five's ambulance crew. Perfect for fans of Sheila Newberry and Katie Flynn. Readers love the East End Angels series . . . 'Wonderfully written by one very talented author . . . highly recommended' 'I loved reading this book . . . so looking forward to the next in the series' 'Reminded me of Call the Midwife' 'Absolutely brilliant for recreating life in London during the Blitz' 'A very well-written and researched, warm-hearted book . . . with a bit of romance!' *Don't miss Rosie Hendry's brand new novel, A MOTHER'S HEART, coming 4th March 2021 and available now to pre-order*