Helen Moffett

Charlotte: The perfect gift for any Austen fan (21st Century Jane Austen)

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For fans of Longbourn and The Other Bennet Sister, this beautifully told story of marriage, duty and friendship follows Charlotte's story from where Pride and Prejudic e ends. Everybody believes that Charlotte Lucas has no prospects. She is unmarried, plain, poor and reaching a dangerous age. But when she stuns the neighbourhood by accepting the proposal of buffoonish clergyman Mr Collins, her fortunes change. Her best friend Lizzy Bennet is appalled by her decision, yet Charlotte knows this is the only way to provide for her future. What she doesn't know is that her married life will propel her into a new world: not only of duty and longed-for children, but secrets, grief, unexpected love and friendship, and a kind of freedom. ------ Praise for Charlotte 'Sparkling . . . Will delight Jane Austen fans ' Louisa Treger ' Beautifully written. . . paint[s] a vivid picture of female life in the 19th Century' Rebecca Mascull 'An utterly compelling read' Laura Carlin ' Astonishing ' Stylist